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Available Services

Lawn Maintenance

Includes mowing, and trimming all lawn areas to a 3.5"-4.0" length, vertical-edging borders, blowing all drives, sidewalks, parking areas, landscape beds, bordering areas, and removing any trash from mowed areas. Weekly weeding of all landscape areas will be provided.


Seasonal Color/Flower Installation

Includes tilling planting-medium and fertilizer into soil, soil additives, design, planting, fertilization, and maintenance of seasonal annuals.


Shrubbery and Tree Pruning

Includes professional pruning of all shrubbery and small trees (under 12’, although we do offer large tree services including trimming and removal, stump grinding, etc.) to recommended specifications, then cleaning beds and removing all trimmings and debris.


Landscape Maintenance

Includes keeping beds weeded and clean, spraying weeds and grass growing through curbs and sidewalks, removing trash and debris from landscape areas, additional blowing, and general upkeep to landscape areas. Landscape Bed Maintenance schedules are not the same on all properties, but are usually performed every week through the growing season and monthly through the winter, unless otherwise specified.


Turf/Shrub/Tree Maintenance Programs

A standard turf maintenance program includes 6 applications of a slow release granular fertilizer or chemical spray; 2 pre-emergence applications- 1 in late February- 1 in early April; 2 post emergent applications- Applied in Early-June and Mid-August; 1 lime application applied in Mid-September; 1 winterizing application applied in late November-Early December.


A normal shrub/tree maintenance program consists of 1-Spring fertilization- Applied in late March; 1- Insecticide/Fertilization- Applied in late June-Early July; 1-Insecticide- Applied in August; 1-Deep root fertilizer injection- Applied in late September-Early October; Dormant oil and numerous tree injections are also available.


Keep in mind, all properties will vary in requirements of certain applications and can be adjusted. Our turf maintenance and shrub/tree maintenance applications are performed by state licensed technicians.


Turf Aerating, Overseeding, and Fertilizing

Includes plug aerating all lawn areas and overseeding with a high quality blended fescue seed. This blended fescue contains three premium fescue seed varieties for the purpose of a prolonged “green peak” period throughout the season. One application of high nitrogen and phosphate slow release fertilizer is also applied at this time. Turf Aerating, Overseeding, and Fertilization shall be done between September 1 and October 31 for best results.


Porter Services

Although our parking lot sweeping staff is trained to provide this, on nights of sweeping, a check-up on "off-sweeping" nights is available. This service includes checking the property on a daily, every other night, etc. basis. Attention will also be focused on trash in the lawn, walkway/parking lot lighting problems, vandalism, etc. We can even tow abandoned vehicles from your parking lot! Calls will be made with any problems found.


Irrigation Services

Includes the design, installation, and repair of irrigation systems. These services are provided by our state licensed irrigation technicians. Basic service plan includes start-up; reconnecting backflow device (where applicable), turning on water supply and testing all zones. A system analysis listing any problems found is then submitted to management for authorization of repairs. After start-up is completed, the controller is then set to run on desired days and times. System winterization includes blowing out entire system with compressed air to prevent any pipe freezing. Backflow prevention device is then removed (where applicable) and controller turned off. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS



Includes edging and cleaning all landscape beds; applying and professionally grooming high quality hardwood mulches to all beds and applicable trees. Standard mulch colors are Black, Brown, Pine, Pine Straw, and Red. Mulch is recommended twice per year to provide optimum looks throughout the season. For applications exceeding 10 cubic yards, we use a mulch blowing machine. Very few of our competitors offer this service. The advantages of having mulch blown is that it is a lot less clean-up, we are on your property for atleast half the amount of time as hand spreading, and in some cases is less expensive. When finished, your mulch will look as if it is painted onto the landscape beds with a flat and consistent look.


We also provide edging with a mechanical edger/trencher (4” deep) ON EVERY MULCH APPLICATION; This aids in the definition and overall curb appeal for landscaped beds. Very, very few of our competitors offer this frequency; We hand mulch all trees regardless of whether we hand apply or use our blowing machine. Trees are a “focal point” to all properties and need to be as perfect and uniform as possible. In addition, trees will be mulched in a saucer fashion not allowing mulch to be packed against the tree bark, which can cause several critical problems for trees and roots.


A weed-pre-emergence will be added to mulched areas. Pre-emergence is highly recommended due to the fact that it will prevent weed seeds from germinating in mulched areas resulting in clean, groomed mulch all season long. This is applied with each mulching.


Parking Lot Sweeping Service

This service includes sweeping all parking areas, roads, and loading areas. Care will be taken to hand blow debris from all assigned areas including around the building, loading docks, walkways, behind vending machines, dumpster pads, and curb lines. A detailed sweep (every inch of property) will take place one night per week. Trash receptacles will be emptied and replaced with a new bag on an as needed basis.


Pressure Cleaning/Driveway Sealing

Includes hot/cold pressure cleaning services using only the highest quality equipment, solvents, and commercial grade sealers.


Snow Services

Snow Services include plowing all designated areas, spreading de-icing chemical on all plowed areas, sidewalks, loading docks, and building access areas. Our exclusive “Winter Storm Journal” will be mailed to our customers following the completion of each service. This journal is a basic play-by-play log which includes the times of arrival and departure, weather conditions, amount of de-icing chemical applied, and plowing time. This journal helps tremendously in "slip and fall" litigations.